Sunday, 23 August 2015


Today I will devote my efforts to Chris who has given me so much held from inside the bastions of power.  Were Oscar still here he would also bark his appreciation.
Have you ever had one of those times when you knew that a little inside knowledge or "someone on the inside" could help to get a stumbling block smoothed out?  Such was my problem until I secured the assistance of Chris, an insider at Bodlondeb who kept me informed regarding a planning application for a certain local property, I bet you can guess which one, especially if you watched the media at the time.  Fortunately it is all over and done now, but without that considerable bit of help from my friend Chris it could have been a different story.
I drew great comfort from his help and also from another Chris who was a great supporter of the Blog and gave untold help with all things of a political nature.  Especially when things got a bit hot with the accusations made against a local Tory MP.   He drew lots of information from his background in politics and close connections with the Administrators of the Law.   There is actually a third Chris but I shall leave him to continue pounding the street with his Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass trying to solve the latest case of who pissed in Poynton's porch.

I think at this time it would be as well to mention that all those to whom I refer, were not just active on the Blog, but they also had very active Twitter accounts, as indeed, did I.   Through these we were all able to continue our important business of putting the World and local problems right. When the Blog finally closed in September 2014, it actually did not close at all, but was kept open just for those we personally allowed to be members of the inner chamber.  Twitter accounts were opened and closed with gay abandon and everyone was hard pressed to keep up with our nefarious antics. Hi-de-hi!

Next time A Trojan Horse.


  1. did this insider also give you the heads up recently & thats why your selling the beanie shop?

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