Tuesday, 18 August 2015


Now the morning rush is over and both of them have their newspaper and fags, I'll get started.  The first one at the starting gate must be David, although here I must mention that there are two Dave's.  One is a would be high flier in the political World, who suffered a mid air collision with his Boss and got permanently grounded, and the other a chap who shows me how to hold a camera and point it in the right direction.  Reminds me, must get myself a "Selfie" stick, that will save having to constantly ask passers by to take a picture of me, for me.

David one and I go back a long way.  He gave me great help doing the Blog and made some revealing points about various people and helped me to stay within the law.  Or should I say, with the law, because he gave me lots of introductions and if it were not for the uniform, I could be part of the squad.  David certainly dug up stuff from the past and it seems that he had access to records that other  posters just couldn't reach.  The secrets we were able to put on the Blog really upset folk.  Even a Judge who demanded we stop until a certain trial was concluded.  Not only were we bosom pals (subtle freemasonry link there) but we also spent hours following one of my well know past-times, filling my fat face with food.  David always kept me in the picture and even confided in me about his exploits in the Big City when he was away from home.   Some of it would make your hair curl, the grubby stuff, not so.   And friends a plenty, both male and female.

The other David, is not such a high flier, much prefering to keep his feet firmly on the ground, dabble in his Stocks and Shares and run his silly little multi town Forum.  We have the occasional pint together and he often makes a small contribution to the Blog, whichever one I have on the go at the time.

And then there was Dylan.  He didn't have much to do with the Blog but would give me useful advice to keep just one step ahead of the law, not that such an advantage was necessary, as they were, and still are, regular visitors to the premises.   Its amazing what little bits of info from this corner of the Town help them to deliver minor criminals to the justice system.  The Grass is always greener etc.  Dylan and I are not connected in any other way, he already has an active partner, and despite my lacking in the bedroom stakes I have no desire to be relabelled.

Still to come, Chris x 2, Barry, Ruby, Ian x 2, Steve x 2, Jonathan, Super ?, Inspector ?, Sergeant ?, PC ???, a few Freemasons and some local "celebrities".   If you haven't been mentioned yet, don't worry all good things come to them that patiently wait.


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